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Create ZIP Archives for OS Mac is very easy

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Create zip archives in mac OS is very easy,Zip filename extension as their identifier. This format provides a powerful lossless compression and can be accessed for any modern operating system.
Now how do I create ZIP Archives in Mac OS X. You can create a ZIP archive file from single or multiple items using the Finder or the command-line zip tool. Previously, we have to know if we create zip files, or compress a file. Original files are not deleted. So then we can see there are two files, the files compressed and original files.

Files (which you want to ZIP) has been select:

1. Right Click (you can right-click, please proceed to the next step ...)

2. Select 'Create Archive of [name file.ext]

3. Voila ...

Or can also:

1. Select 'Finder'

2. Look your desktop. Blue apple logo clay / graphite on the left.

3. Locate the 'Finder' ... continue to the right .....

4. Click 'Help'

5. Select "Mac Help '

6. Enter keyword 'Archive'

7. Next command similar to the above tricks.

You can try thus,very simple and easy create zip archive for mac os

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Desktop Icon Hidden

The number icon (good icon the folder, file or shortcut) that was met to Desktop often “bad” scenery. Moved all icon to the other folder often also not was the exact solution. With tips along with this you could hide icon to Desktop in a “instant” manner. The intention is, you from time to time could put forward came back icon quickly.

1. The right clique to Desktop.

2. Choose the Arrange Icons Menu.
3. Eliminate the sign check in option Show Desktop Icon. To put forward again icon in desktop, gave the sign check in option Show Destkop Icon.

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Hidden Icon Control Panel

One of the methods of preventing the other person changed setting or the configuration to your computer was with hid icon/applet to Control Panel. His method was as follows: Be opened registry then entered to key:
Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\don’t load
Value Name: xxxx
Thought xxxx depended from icon what will be hidden. For example you want to hid icon System, then xxxx was filled up with sysdm.cpl. Below this was information icon Control Panel:

Accessibility Options = access.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpl
Add or remove programs = appwiz.cpl
Display Properties = desk.cpl
Game Controllers = joy.cpl
Internet Properties = Inetcpl.cpl
Mouse Properties = main.cpl
Network Connections = ncpa.cpl
ODBC Administrator = odbccp32.cpl
Phone and modem Options = telephon.cpl
Power Options = powercfg.cpl
Region and Language Options = intl.cpl
Sound and Audio Devices = mmsys.cpl
Speech Properties = sapi.cpl
System Properties = sysdm.cpl
Time and Date Properties = timedate.cpl
User Accounts = nusrmgr.cpl

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